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Jason spent 3 hours with us and our two bulldogs on 2/17/11. It was so informative for us and his teaching technique is firm, kind, and logical. We can't wait to have another session in the spring or summer and include other family members so everyone is on the same page. Jason is so tuned in to his work and so patient with humans and animals. Everyone benefits from training with Jason.
Pat & Jim, Port Jefferson 28th February 2011

We have 3 Golden Retrievers & were having some serious sibling rivalry! Our trainer Jason was able to get the root of the problems quickly & we saw immediate results. Thank you for explaining the canine & human relationships. We will continue to work on achieving a peaceful, happy home for all! :)
Nora Hartmann & Edwin Negron, Sound Beach 5th November 2010

Jason gave us the tools to train our very stubborn Sasha. Sasha is an Akita, and as we all know, they are a very stubborn breed. Within the first training session, we had such a wonderful improvement in Sasha's behavior. Thank you, Jason, for giving us the time and patience that Sasha needed!
Danielle L., North Babylon 16th March 2010

I am so pleased and impressed with the Bark Busters training program and especially with my assigned trainer, Jason Molfetto. He was both knowledgeable and courteous, and he had my unruly Golden Retriever completely turned around with just the first lesson. During subsequent lessons, if one of the training methods was not working, he tried alternative ones until we found one that worked. I now can walk my dog without him pulling me everywhere and he has taught me how to stop the jumping. I highly recommend both the Bark Busters Training Program and Jason Molfetto to anyone who has a dog in need of training.
Sheila Bondarchuk, Southold 18th August 2008

I am a veterinarian who will be recommending Bark Busters to all of my clients in need of training. I appreciated a simple, safe technical plan that brought immediate results. Jason's instructions were clearly defined with a valid direction.
Brian Rose DVM, Rocky Point, NY 15th March 2007

The techniques applied by Jason were very understandable and with a common sense. My dog Grizwold was more manageable, calm, obedient and submissive after just 2 hours. I was very pleased with the natural training techniques because it was humane and everyone in the house is able to apply it to our everyday busy lifestyle.
Jessica M., Setauket, NY 15th March 2007

The natural techniques used by Bark Busters showed me immediate results. Jason was so freindly nad he clearly explained and demonstrated everything in a way that I was able to feel comfortable doing it myself.
Roseann T., St. James, NY 15th March 2007

Jason was calm and very clear on explaining what to do .He worked with us and Toby and in just a few explanations Toby was responding correctly. I was happy to find out that I diden't have to carry around treats to get him to listen to me. I had a lot of fun seeing Toby understand what I was doing and saying. I will absolutely refer Bark Busters, it was a positive experience with results that can only progress to where I want to get.
Ashley M., East Northport, NY 21st September 2006

The Bark Busters method worked well with our dog, Beau. Joe and I feel our dog will do wonderful. I feel my husband and I learned alot and are very excited to see the results. We will recommend Bark Busters to our freinds because Jason is extremely patient with us and our dog and was also very encouraging.
Allison M., Medford, NY 20th September 2006

I was so pleased with the techiques used by Bark Busters and I was so surprised how quickly the system worked. Thank you for the opportunity to learn how to train my dog easily.
Linda T., Mastic Beach, NY 20th September 2006

Jason is very patient and explained differences betwee the two dogs personalities, which was/is very helpful. "This is the most relaxing night I've had since we got the dog."-paul
Theresa C., Medford, NY 20th September 2006

Jason was wonderful and calm and new exactly how to handle Harry. I like the fact that there is no physical repremanding. Harry responded very well to the training and he responded rapidly. It was so rewarding for me to see Harry respond. The fact that there is no physical punishment and how fast Harry responded will make recommend Bark Busters.
Amanda, Stony Brook Vet Hospital, Stony Brook, NY 20th September 2006

Our therapist was wonderfully polite, courteous, and knowledgeable about dogs and their behavior.our dog was resonding quickly to the techniques. The techniques are humane and kind to the owners feeling and the dogs sensitivity. The lesson was very educational and inspiring to know our dog has the potential to go from "cute" to fabulous. I will recommend Bark Busters because it is a personable and educational expereince where owner and dog can understand one another through better communication. It demonstrated the way dogs use body language to communicate with owners and other dogs.
Jessica Y., Coarm, NY 20th September 2006

Bark Busters was very instructive to the puppy and myself. I learned more in two hours than I knew from hours of research on the internet.
Edward, Babylon, NY 20th September 2006

I am very excited to spend more time with my dog in a way we both can enjoy. I look forward to being able to go for walks and play more. I already am pleased with the results I have seen from just one session. Thank you. I will be recommending you to clients at work. I know many people who will benifit from Bark Busters. Once again, thank you.
Thersa M., Middle Country Animal Hospital, Mastic, NY 20th September 2006

We had to let you know how successful our training session was. Sammy's nuisance barking has STOPPED, he no longer jumps on us, the gates are down and we're all THRILLED to be living together. We had admit we felt like fools 'growling' in front of you, but when you left, we started and it's 100% better here! We've been working every night for 10 - 15 minutes with him, and now that the weather's improving we'll begin leash work. I have recommended your program to several people, and if they're smart, they'll be in touch! Thank you!
Susan S., Mastic, NY 20th September 2006

We were pleased with the techniques that were used by Bark Busters. It was a training method that match us. It was not forceful, and Dakota enjoyed the session as well. I would recommend Bark Busters to my friends because I would not want our friends to make the training mistakes we have in the past.
Charles R., Shirley, NY 6th September 2006

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